Home Run Zone Simulator

The Simulator

Fits all 12’ x 12’ x 55’ cages and can be customized to fit smaller spaces

UPDATE: See the latest version 3.0 graphics, coming to the USA this spring:



How It Works

HRzone provides the most realistic baseball gameplay you can experience in a batting cage, simulating every aspect of a real defense to hit against. When a player steps to the plate and activates the foot pedal, a pitcher projected on the screen will enter their windup and deliver a real baseball that comes out of the screen. Enabled by a Hack Attack Junior 3-wheel pitching machine, our system can throw fastballs, breaking balls, and change ups. Pitches and defensive positioning can be chosen by the opposing team on our kiosk outside the cage.

After the pitch, the sensors in the cage will pick up any contact, and simulate the outcome of the hit. Whether it be a home run, foul ball, or grounder to short, you'll see the outcome play out on screen. After your at bat, the game will continue on naturally for the next better, advancing runners, scoring runs, or recording an out, just like in real life! Our system can turn double plays, throw runners out at the plate and have runners tag up to advance. Play 3, 6, or 9 inning games by yourself or with your friends with six different difficulty options for each individual player. Try out our HR derby and mini-game features too!



the at bat process infographic

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Simulator Build Walkthrough

Live Gameplay Examples



  • Full HD projector and software
  • High speed camera sensors
  • Computer kiosk
  • Junior Hack Attack Pitching Machine
  • Foot pedal to start the pitch
  • Real baseballs and bats
  • Complete AR game simulation
HRzone Cage layout -1