About HRzone

About HRzone

Home Run Zone Corp. - A Global Leader in Baseball Entertainment Technology

Home Run Zone Corp. (HRzone) in Carrollton, TX has partnered with Korean company Real Yagu Zone to bring the best in Baseball Simulator Technology to North America. With over 200 locations in Japan and Korea opening in the last 3 years, Real Yagu Zone has pioneered Baseball Simulator Entertainment. Together we are poised to become the global leader in this emerging space.

Our Mission - Expand the Game of Baseball

Our goal is to make playing baseball accessible to everyone, regardless of weather, group size, or ability! Whether you’re an experienced player or have never swung a bat before, we want to offer an experience that's both fun and challenging. 

The HRzone simulator offers a new way to play baseball, incorporating technology, customizable game play, and online competition.  By embracing current gaming trends instead of fighting them, we are capturing the youth audiences of today and getting them back to playing baseball. 

Augmented Reality Baseball - A Bridge to E-Sports

With our Augmented Reality gaming systems, we strive to make competitive indoor baseball accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level, and without the need for a full 18-person field! Offering 3, 6, and 9 innings games, HR Derbys, and the ability to hit against breaking balls and custom defensive shifts, our system provides the most realistic baseball experience you can have inside a batting cage.

With HRzone you can hit by yourself or with friends while customizing the difficulty level for each player. Our system incorporates real bats and balls with computer generated simulation to enhance reality and deliver competitive fun for all ages. By combining a video game like experience with the authentic feeling of hitting baseballs our aim is to bridge the gap between conventional sport and E-gaming.